what the listen to your mother ladies are saying (and writing) (5/99)



roses from the husband, after my performance in listen to your mother

It’s been a month now since Listen to Your Mother Pittsburgh and I’m still in awe of the women who were part of this performance with me.

They are — each one — strong, inspiring, funny, and just downright real.

The more I’ve gotten to know them — before and after the show — the more I realize how lucky I am that I had this experience with these women who have become such a special part of my life.

I’ve been remiss in sharing some of the wonderful things they’ve written. Not just about the show, but about life itself.

From Hexagonal Peg:  On Holding It All Close

“But here’s the thing. I thought I was doing this all alone. I thought I was the only one who had to fight through all the fears to share my story. Except something amazing happened between the day I auditioned a few months ago and show night.

I found out I wasn’t so alone.

This wasn’t just my brave. This was the brave of fourteen other people, too. This was joining a community of women who didn’t feel quite like they fit either. And they still spoke.

This was the connection of knowing that even though we are so different, we all carry our burdens that threaten to keep us from being brave.

I wanted to try out for Listen to Your Mother because I knew I would regret never knowing if I could have made it. And I have enough regrets. I needed to know if I had what it takes to stand up and speak my truth.”

From Stop, Drop and Blog: “So Brave, So Courageous”

“In each story, I saw myself. In each story, I saw motherhood. In each story, I saw courage and bravery. In each story, I saw little bits of what we don’t always say when we’re talking about mothering on social media, on blogs, anywhere in the media. I saw mothers get real.”

From Momma May Be Mad: “I’m a Blessing, Not a Burden: Mental Illness and Hope”

“We meet each other where we are in this life, with our best capacities for love and forgiveness and acceptance at that moment.”

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