What She Said, About Review Queries

My friend Wendy at Caribou’s Mom has a post about review queries over at her blog that is worthy of mention.  (Actually, most of her posts are worthy of mention … but this one is of particular interest, I think, to book bloggers.)

Like Wendy, I’ve been getting a significant increase of emails requesting that I review a book that is clearly not of my preferred reading genre.  For the most part, we’re talking heavy on the vampire lit, paranormal, science fiction types. It doesn’t take much to figure out what types of books I tend to read.  A glance at the Books I’ve Read in 2011 or my Book Review Index will usually give you the information you need to decide if I’m someone who would be interested in your book. 

It’s like this.  I make my living as a grantwriter.  To do so, I do a lot of research into foundations that are interested in giving money to the cause I am trying to get money for.  If I’m writing a grant for a new computer system, what makes me think that a foundation that prefers to give their money to – I don’t know,

To be honest, if you’ve written a vampire book or the like, you don’t want me reviewing

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