What I’ve Learned in a Year of Blogging

1. There’s so much phenomenal writing going on.
I know there’s that whole debate about whether good writing is enough to sustain a blog these days. For me, it is all about the writing. And there is a lot of good stuff being said out there. I’m convinced that the next best-selling author is in my Google Reader … or yet to be added to it. 2. That authors are approachable and are regular, down-to-earth people. I’m talking about published authors (and bloggers) like Beth Kephart and Karen Harrington who are about so much more than promoting their work. Abigail Carter and Susan Senator whose blogs answer the question “so, what happened next?” that we’re asking when we close their memoirs. 3. How fun photography can be and the richness of seeing life through the lens.
I have Beth Kephart to thank for this. Before reading Beth’s blog, it would have never occurred to me to photograph a sunset or flowers, or to take 50 photos of a regular Sunday morning in my mom’s garden. I would have never matched up a photo to a poem or a post. I look for this now. 4. How important comments are.
Especially in those first days of blogging, but also to others. During the Read-a-thon, yes, but also when people comment when you’re going through a hard time. 5. The interconnectedness of us.
That shows when we link to one another’s posts, promote each other’s blogs, come together when we lose a friend like Dewey or have some other life-altering situation. Or even when someone comments (see #4) with a “Me too …” 6. How much I love to read.
I’ve been keeping a book list since 2006 and back then, I was only reading maybe 6 books a year. While I know I am not as speedy in my reading as others (and in fact may be the slowest reading book blogger out there), I’m definitely reading more than I ever have and remembering more of what I read. Tonight I just finished my 33rd book of the year. I’ve never read 33 books in one year as an adult.
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