What I Learned From Blogging Every Day for 99 Days (99/99)

99 Days of Summer Blogging FINISHED

Now that I’ve actually finished 99 Days of Summer Blogging, let me tell you a secret.

I didn’t really believe I would finish this.

And here we are, 99 posts (and 99 days) later.

I hesitate saying this project was hard because, really, when compared to other truly hard and difficult things that this life presents, writing a blog post for 99 days doesn’t even come close. NOT. EVEN.

Was it challenging?  Yes.  Frustrating?  Sometimes.

But hard?

What was hard was overcoming the self-doubt that plagues all of us.

This blog post is ridiculous, half-baked, nonsensical crap. 

Nobody’s going to care what I have to say about this. 

Is anyone even reading this? Is this thing even on?  Hello?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller? 

What blogging for 99 consecutive days taught me — and which I didn’t realize until very recently — was that it was training ground for other things I don’t think I can do.

Of course, like most bloggers, I was curious and interested in the numbers. Even though we often say we don’t care about the number of views our posts get, I’m betting more than a few of us really do.

Those of us who have been blogging for any length of time know that consistency is key. And in that respect, I think 99 Days helped increase my monthly readership. In January, there were 1,784 visits. By April, that had dropped to 1,380. The summer months saw a significant rebound:  June had 1,809 visits, July had 1,864, and there were 1,829 in August.  Average views per day stayed consistent with 60 views in both June and July and 59 in August.

I was curious to see which posts were the most popular. As it turns out, the posts that got the most views are also the ones I’m most proud of.

Below are all of my 99 Days of Summer Blogging posts, with the Top 10 most popular posts in larger type.

My inspiration for this project came from my friend and fellow Pittsburgh blogger Emily Levenson, who embarked on her own 100 Days of Blogging project earlier this year. I decided it would be fun to do the same. I jumped in with very little thought and even less preparation and I’m really glad I stuck with this until the end. And I’m especially glad that you did, too. Thank you, as always, for reading and commenting.  And don’t worry … I’m not going anywhere.

Besides, tomorrow’s post is already queued up, ready to go.


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