Weekend Cooking: Ziplist.com

Have y’all discovered Ziplist.com yet? (This is going to sound like a sponsored post, I know, but it is not. Rather, it is simply my own thoughts about a site that I just found this week and have fallen in love with, to say the least.)

Before getting into what Ziplist is, you should know a little something about the food blogs I read as well as my system for doing our weekly grocery list/meal planning. First, the food blogs. I subscribe to a lot of blogs. As in, over a thousand. (What can I say? People have far worse addictions than hitting the “subscribe” button.) And a good many of them happen to be food and gardening blogs, especially now that this small farm of a garden is coming with this new house and with my growing (ha!) interest in getting back to eating more of a vegetarian and vegan-based diet.

My general “system” of keeping track of the recipes I’m interested in trying on the various food blogs has been something like this:

1. While reading said food blog, I “star” the recipe in Google Reader and tag it with something descriptive like “recipes to try.”

2. When stuck for recipe ideas, I peruse these starred recipes. (Sometimes I even make one of them, and then it gets printed out and then if we like it, it gets kept in a binder.)

3. Repeat step #1.

As for my grocery list, I take a sheet of paper and make four columns. One is WE NEED, which is fairly self-explanatory.  Next to that is WE HAVE, which is an inventory of what we currently have on hand (because I have been known to blank out in the grocery store and buy something ridiculous like 10 cans of diced tomatoes for $10 when I have 10 perfectly good cans sitting in the pantry at home).  Then, there’s a column for SALES, which is what the store has on sale that week, and finally, the fourth column is MENUS, where I write seven menu ideas for the week based on the items listed in the WE NEED, WE HAVE, and the SALES columns.

I tend to write the same things, week after week.

All of this works just fine, but lately I have been feeling in a cooking rut. It’s more than a cooking rut, actually. I’m just tired of cooking for four people with vastly different food preferences.  (That’s a whole ‘nuther post, I think.) And I’ve been tired of seeing all these great looking recipes and making the same old things week after week.

Enter Ziplist.

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