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Veggie burgers are one of our family’s most-frequently go-to meals. We like them mainly for the convenience factor and also because everyone can customize his or her own.

Since I’ve started eating gluten-free, I’ve had to forego the burger and just be content with the side dishes. Most veggie burgers have gluten or wheat in them, and even thought I knew I could make them myself, I just … didn’t. My family is also the non-experimental type; once they find something (like a burger) they enjoy, they stick with it. Forever. They’re not too interested in new alternatives.

I happened to be in Whole Foods a few weeks ago and saw that there was a new (or, at least, new to me) line of burgers out by Engine 2. I noticed that they had the Gluten-Free tag on the shelf, so I took a closer look. Of the three (I think there were three) varieties, the Tuscan Kale and White Bean Burger sounded like the one I’d most enjoy – there was no way I would be getting The Husband and kids to partake in this.

Tuscan Kale Burger


(photo from wholefoodsmarket.com)

As far as ingredients go, there’s absolutely nothing unrecognizable in this burger. You can pronounce every single item: white beans, cooked brown rice, tomato puree, rolled oats, garlic,roasted red bell peppers, flax seeds, sea salt, basil, black pepper. Plus, the nutrition facts are good enough for me, with 130 calories per burger, 0 cholesterol, 15 mg. sodium, 4 g. fiber, 40 mg. of calcium, 2 g. sugars, and 3000 IU of Vitamin A.

Tuscan Kale Burger, Stuffing, Peas

I made myself one of these tonight (The Husband and kids had their regular veggie burgers) along with Glutino Corn Bread Stuffing (which everyone had and liked!), and peas.

This was a really good, simple dinner. Nothing in the burger (the beans, the kale, the red pepper) was overpowering and the stuffing tasted pretty much like “regular” stuffing and was a good accompaniment to the burger.

We’ll definitely be having this again.

Note: This is a completely unsolicited, unsponsored post, as I wasn’t approached by any of the companies mentioned (Engine 2, Glutino, Whole Foods, etc.) to do a review of the products I’ve mentioned.  (That being said, I’m always happy to talk.) This just represents my option as a happy customer.

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