Weekend Cooking: The Joy of Culinary Arts (6/99)

Like most parents, I dread homework. The nagging, the whining, the procrastination — the whole thing.

A few weeks ago, however, The Girl brought home one particular assignment that delighted me to no end.

Cook dinner for the entire family.

From planning and preparation to cleaning up. Parents were only allowed to supervise (and, presumably, purchase the food).

Now that’s a homework project I wouldn’t mind being assigned every night.

(Well, technically I am, but you get the point.)

As I’ve written previously, dinnertime tends to be a challenge for our family. And now each one of my offspring would get to experience the joy of creating a meal appealing to a gluten-free vegetarian (me); a vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables (The Husband); a carnivore (The Boy); and The Girl herself, who won’t eat red meat but who will consume chicken.

Mix these ingredients with the teacher’s instructions, which stated that the meal needed to have a grain, protein, vegetable, and fruit. Plus, they were allowed only ONE convenience item (something already prepared, like sauce).

She chose to make her favorite dinner: Chicken Alfredo, using gluten free pasta and vegetarian chicken. Tomatoes stood in for peas, which were being recalled during the week that this was happening.  Grapes were the fruit, offered as a side.

Culinary Arts

It turned out great, in my opinion.  (Her teacher disagreed somewhat, taking off five points for having TWO convenience items. When I asked about this, apparently pasta and sauce was one convenience item too many. My bad: I must have missed the instructions about growing and harvesting the rice and quinoa that was used in the gluten-free pasta.)

I’m certainly not complaining. Besides my delight that Culinary Arts is a required class in our school district’s middle school curriculum — along with shop class, in which the kids made functional wooden clocks — there was a bonus to this.

With twins taking Culinary Arts — albeit at separate times — this meant TWO SEPARATE DINNERS that I didn’t have to plan, prepare, cook, or clean up.

Extra credit bonus points for me!

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking: The Joy of Culinary Arts (6/99)

  1. Beth F

    Pasta is a convenience food? Seriously. Oh well. The meal looks great and what a cool assignment. Sorry I was late getting here this week — we were out of town.

  2. mae

    Teaching young teenagers to cook is such a great idea. Next thing you know you’ll be able to leave directions and she’ll have your dinner ready when you get home!

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  3. Bookertalk

    It’s good to know these classes exist so youngsters can learn valuable life skills. We had cookery lessons in school but after The second year if you were in the higher academic stream they were not available. The attitude was that we had better ways to use our time. Stupid really because whether you were intellectually gifted or not we all had to eat.

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