Weekend Cooking: So, The Refrigerator Broke … (20/99)

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After driving for nearly six hours and being away for five days,  we came home to a large puddle of water in our kitchen.

The mess was surrounding the refrigerator, so it didn’t take long to figure out the cause of this untimely domestic disaster.

Initially we thought there had been an extended power outage or that one of the doors had been left open by accident. In an attempt to plan ahead, I had cooked Easy Cheesy Ravioli Casserole for dinner earlier that week with the intention of freezing the leftovers for an already-prepared meal when we returned home. One of the last things I did before we left was to move the container of ravioli from the fridge to the freezer.

The temperature in the fridge climbed higher and higher. The Husband hauled bag after bag of rotten food to the trash, including what would have been dinner. For this very reason, I usually try not to have much in the fridge while we’re away, but still — we probably tossed several hundred dollars of food.

I took to the Google to find an appliance repair person.  When none called back or returned my emails (a week later, I’m still waiting for a response), I started pricing refrigerators and checking our credit card balances and measuring the weird space in the kitchen that housed the fridge. (The former owners of this house remodeled the kitchen at one point and the fridge is surrounded by a huge cabinet-like structure.)

A new fridge could be delivered as soon as Thursday.

This was Sunday night.

Needless to say, last week was very, very long.  No milk for our coffee or cereal, no cold drinks, no ice cream.

“We’re living like pioneers!” The Boy complained.

Obviously, not quite. Refrigerators in homes were only invented in 1913, so that’s hardly the pioneer era.  Still, it made me stop for a moment and consider how many everyday things like this we take for granted and how much easier we have it compared to … well, the pioneers.

The fridge arrived as scheduled on Thursday and life has returned to what passes for normal here.

Oh, and the best part?

It was our 23rd wedding anniversary.

Wondering what the traditional gift is for one’s 23rd wedding anniversary? *

It’s not a refrigerator, I can tell you that.


*It’s a silver plate. Because, you know, every middle-aged married couple needs a silver plate.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking: So, The Refrigerator Broke … (20/99)

  1. Beth F

    Oh god. My worst nightmare is coming home to a broken fridge or freezer. I hate throwing all that food away. And then to have to buy a new one when it wasn’t in the budget. UGH.

    happy late anniversary … and where’s the ice man who delivers when you need him?

  2. hillary roberts

    My mom fridge broke also! She got a new one and they didn’t have time to pick up the old one until July 2. I told here we are really an Appalachian family now with a fridge on the porch. Now all we need is a car on cinder blocks in the yard! She did not think I was funny, lol

  3. Bookertalk

    I can sympathise with this having had a problem with our freezer this weekend. I hate all the wasted food, makes me feel so guilty when people in some parts of the world are going hungry,

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