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One of my many challenges in the kitchen is the fact that I cannot open a bottle of wine.  I mean, I just … can’t. I’ve tried many different brands and corkscrew types, I’ve watched YouTube videos and people who are more adept at this sort of thing,  but I cannot seem to master this skill. Yes, it’s a first world problem, but it’s also ridiculous and occasionally embarrassing.  If someone gives us a bottle of wine, it sits unopened until I either re-gift it or decide to make another futile attempt at uncorking a bottle.

(I should make it clear that, while I enjoy an occasional glass or two with dinner, I’m not a big wine drinker as it tends to be a migraine trigger for me. However, the gluten-free diet has helped reduce the headaches overall and happily, I’ve been able to add back a little wine every so often.)

Anyway, so while I was Christmas shopping, I spotted the answer to my lifelong dilemma.

Electric Wine Opener

An electric wine opener!  Whooo! Who knew there existed such a thing?!  I had to have it.  A little splurge, yes, and definitely something that wasn’t needed in the prelude to our now-austere financial life, but an electric wine opener did have the potential to make that new reality a little easier….

So of course I bought it.

I didn’t have a chance to try it out until Friday evening.  We had a bottle of wine that represented a figment of The Husband’s former life.  I’d forgotten about this wine during our purge of always-something-there-to-remind-me logo’ed t-shirts and pins, memorabilia, gifts, etc. acquired during the past four years of The Husband’s gainful employment.

But this a new year accompanied by a new lease on life and (hopefully) new opportunities ahead, and I certainly wasn’t going to just throw a perfectly good bottle of wine away. So, nearing the conclusion of a rather stressful week, I texted The Husband to please get the electric wine opener out of the damn box and charge it up so it would be good and ready by the time I got home.

This was so simple to use. It comes with a foil cutter, which is convenient (and something else I didn’t realize I needed). After that, just put the wine opener over the top of the bottle, press the down switch, and voila! All my problems, solved. Well, most of them anyway.

So, cheers to the electric wine opener — of which I have no affiliation with, except through the link that takes you to my Amazon Affiliates page — and cheers to surviving the first full week of the year, and cheers to all your aspirations for 2016.






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  1. Beth F

    Oooooh. I’ve always wondered if those electric openers worked. I can usually open a bottle using a waiter’s corkscrew (the other kinds don’t like me). I’ll have to check into this.

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