Weekend Cooking: A Taste of the New Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout GF Cookies

Earlier this week, from across our state that’s coated with snow and ice, a package arrived.

My goddaughter is one of the many Girl Scouts selling cookies this season. Luckily for me, her troop (part of Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania) happens to be among the 20 councils test marketing the new gluten free Girl Scout Cookies.  Only one such variety is currently available, that being chocolate chip shortbread.

Let’s just tear right to the bottom of the bag  of the matter, shall we?

These cookies taste AWESOME.

They’re so amazingly good. They have the right amount of hardness when you bite into them, and then they crumble as you chew. It’s hard to describe, but in my view, ABC Bakers has nailed it with this one.

And, like every good Girl Scout cookie, they have that addictive quality that makes it impossible to stop eating the darn things.

(That’s helped along by the fact that these are chocolate chip cookies for Lilliputians and that there are 20 miniature cookies per bag.  At $5.00 per bag – at least according to my goddaughter’s Girl Scout troop’s pricing – my bank account will see some shrinkage, too.)

Still, that’s all fine with me since this is a once-a-year treat and I support the Girl Scouts’ mission. (And I love my goddaughter.)

First of all, it’s an idea that, in my view, has been a long time coming. I remember when we had my son on a GF diet in 2004 and we were approached to purchase Girl Scout cookies. When my daughter later sold cookies as a Girl Scout, I remember thinking that it was unfortunate that kids with food allergies couldn’t enjoy the cookies they’d worked so hard to sell.

The real judge of any new gluten free item that I bring into the house are my kids. Even though they’re not GF, they occasionally sample “Mom’s food” and the Girl Scout cookies this week were no exception. They loved them and we have an order into my goddaughter for more.

I hope that the Girl Scouts continue to offer this gluten free cookie. I don’t necessarily think that every variety of the cookies needs to have a GF alternative, but I wouldn’t mind seeing others. In the meantime, I’d absolutely recommend keeping the chocolate chip shortbread (and definitely in a larger size).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear a bag in the pantry calling my name …

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking: A Taste of the New Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies

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  2. Cecelia

    Oh, I’m definitely interested! I don’t eat GF, but I have friends who do, and it would be great to have something in the pantry that I could bring as a gift/treat…

  3. Beth F

    I read that they were testing GF cookies, but didn’t realize that PA was one of the test areas. So good to hear that the cookies are good. Can’t wait to tell my GF friends.

  4. Laurie C

    A troop was selling cookies at an indoor farmers’ market I went to this morning and I asked if they had the gluten-free cookies, but they didn’t. I wanted to buy a box for my daughters to try. I had heard they were even more expensive than Girl Scout cookies usually are, but that’s not surprising. I’m glad to hear they were actually tasty!

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