I have written before in this space (here and again here) about my friends D. and S.
The ones who, after waiting 15 years, got the call that a birthmother selected them.
The ones who have been parents for the past five months to a beautiful baby girl, who we’ll call Baby G.
The ones who got a call that the birthfather is contesting the adoption from his jail cell where he is serving five years.
The ones who are waiting during a trial (courtesy of the Wisconsin’s taxpayers dollars) which will determine whether the convicted felon ever established a “parental relationship.” 
(Which would mean that Baby G. goes to him.  In jail, I guess. I don’t know how these things work and I don’t want to.)
The ones who tonight, wait for the jury’s verdict.
We have been awaiting word for the past 6 hours.
UPDATE: The verdict was not good.  They lost. 

photo taken by me, Longwood Gardens, May 2010.

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8 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Niksmom

    Hoping and praying that the verdict is in favor of the child’s best interests…not necessarily blood paternity, KWIM? *sigh*

  2. picky girl

    Wow. I honestly cannot imagine the turmoil they are in at the moment. I hope the outcome is what is best for all involved. So sorry for your friends and that sweet baby.

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