The Sunday Salon: This is the Story of How I’m Trying to Read Everything Ann Patchett Has Written Before Tomorrow Night

The Sunday Salon

My big weekend plans were to do my own Readathon, of sorts, and to read All The Things Ann Patchett Has Ever Written.

You see, Ann’s speaking tomorrow evening at Pittsburgh’s Arts and Lectures’ Literary Evenings Monday Night Lecture Series, and like the ticket I bought for Colum McCann, I bought this one a year ago, too. My thinking was that surely I would read something of Ms. Patchett’s in that timeframe, just as I had great hopes of reading everything by Colum McCann before his Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures appearance.

(I realized I read part of Truth and Beauty about six years ago, but didn’t finish it. I can’t remember why; I wasn’t blogging then.)

Anyway, I’m thinking I’ll start with This is the Story of a Happy Marriage, since I have this out from the library now (along with Run), and I imagine much of her talk will touch on the essay topics.

So that was my intention this weekend, but I really wound up being a bit of a slug – not just with reading but with everything. I stayed up way too late on Friday night (as in, 2:15 in the morning late) to finish my submission for my writing group to critique on Tuesday evening and I’ve been paying for it all weekend. At 45 years old, it takes a few days to recover from that kind of debauchery.

I’m keeping this short because I really do want to read some Ann Patchett this evening. Hope you’re having a good weekend (and a more productive one than mine).  

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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: This is the Story of How I’m Trying to Read Everything Ann Patchett Has Written Before Tomorrow Night

  1. Sue at Book By Book

    Sounds like fun! I think the only Patchett book I’ve read so far was Bel Canto, which I enjoyed. I keep meaning to read her newer books…but so many books and so little time!

    I am in a similar situation. Silver Linings Playbook is our County All-Read book for this spring, and I;m going to see Matthew Quick speak Thursday night…and I just started the novel yesterday! I did see the movie and loved it, but the book is just fabulous – such a unique voice! I’m loving it so far and hoping to finish in time for the talk.

    Enjoy your Patchett reading this week –


    Book By Book

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  2. Karen

    I tried to do something similar before I saw some of the speakers at the Hay Festival in the UK last summer. I didn’t make much inroad. Hope you fare better

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