The Sunday Salon: September 28

The Sunday Salon

It’s 6:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, and this is the first extended opportunity I’ve had to relax this weekend. The Girl had an event at school on Friday night, so immediately after arriving home from work, I was driving her to school (which is 20 minutes away). Then two hours later, back in the car, picking her up.

On Saturday, The Girl had a SibShop session and I went into work for a few hours; I’m on deadline with two reports due Tuesday and I needed extra time to get caught up. Then, she came back to work with me.  We had lunch outside in the spectacular late-September weather that was this weekend in Pittsburgh and then I took a break and started Roxane Gay’s AMAZING essay collection Bad Feminist. 

Bad Feminist


I’m only two essays and 15 pages into this, but I am loving this collection. All the hype? So well-deserved so far. Roxane Gay is keynoting at a writing conference I’m attending on October 18, which made me especially interested to read her work.

This was/is my selection for A Most Diverse Universe, but clearly, since that ended yesterday, I’m not going to finish this in time to get anything substantial written in the near future.

The Sparrow

Needless to say, very little reading has been happening this weekend – or this past week, for that matter. If possible, I’d really like to finish The Sparrow tonight (I’m participating in The Sparrow Read-along that Trish is hosting and I have another 150 pages to go).

Still listening to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver on audio.  I admit, this is starting to feel a little long at this point (chapter 15), especially with the stomach-turning descriptions of raising (and especially, butchering) the chickens and turkeys that this vegetarian couldn’t fast-forward through fast enough. Ugh.

Yeah, all right, I’ll shut up now. I’m sounding cranky. I need this weekend to be a little longer.

Another five days should do it.

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