The Sunday Salon: Reading Stats for 2013

The Sunday Salon

Having just finished my first book (and audio) of 2014 – along with casting aside my DNF of the year – I’m thinking I’d really better wrap up 2013 before too much more time passes.

I’m not sure if anyone still cares to read yet another such list now that we’re twelve full days into January, but I tend to use this post as reference during the year, so I’m writing it anyway.

Number of Books Read in 2013: 70 
This averages out to be five days per book, which I’m pleased about. My goal was 75 … oh, so close! Although I didn’t meet my goal, that’s a dramatic increase from 2012 when I read 57 books, but more in line with 2011’s total, which was 69.

To me, the main difference between 2012 and 2013 was my participation (or lack thereof) in reading challenges. I only signed up and completed one this year, and to be honest … I didn’t really miss them. I like the shorter challenges and read-alongs that bloggers come up in connection with a theme or an event, and I’ll probably continue to participate in those.

Number of Pages Read: 14,280 
That’s an average of 204 pages per book and 39 pages read each day. This is almost identical to the daily averages from last year, although the total number of pages read is higher.

Number of female authors: 42
Number of male authors: 28
39 of the books I read (4%)  were by new-to-me authors.
This isn’t surprising. I usually tend to read more female authors, and the number of new-to-me authors seems consistent, too. I envision this being the same for 2014.

Number of audiobooks listened to: 8
Total time listened (in days): 2.90 days
The number of audiobooks I listened to is down slightly from 2012, which is understandable. Most of my audiobook listening is done in the car and I wasn’t working full time (and out of the home) until mid-October. I expect this to go up significantly this year.

Books read on Kindle: 10
This is a 100% increase, which I’m happy about.

The average age (publication date) of the books I read was 7.8 years. That’s almost identical to last year. The oldest published book I read was Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

Genre Breakdown:
Fiction: 24
Nonfiction: 12
Memoirs: 12
Poetry: 10
Historical Fiction: 4
Young Adult: 4
Short Story Collections/Anthologies: 3

Fiction remained my most popular choice. Memoirs and nonfiction switched places this year. I read more nonfiction, but only one nonfiction title made my Best Of the Year list. I had a great year with poetry in 2013. I’d imagine this would be similar by the end of 2014.

Only 8 of these were books I owned (and several of them were on my Kindle). Eighteen of them were review books (either from TLC Book Tours, NetGalley, or the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette). Two books were ones I edited. One book was borrowed from my mom. Everything else (40 books!) came from the library.

I read much less from my own shelves and more review books this year. I became a freelance book reviewer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in April, so that accounts for the increase in the review books. And there’s no way my library usage will decrease in 2014 because I work in a library now. Checking out books is an occupational hazard.

My median rating was 4.0, same as last year

Author I read the most: Mark Doty (4 books) 
Still Life with Oysters and Lemon
Paragon Park
Dog Years
Sweet Machine

There were 17 books that I abandoned in 2013.

In last week’s Salon, I gave you my choices for the best books I read in 2013. Here’s my complete list (links take you to my reviews):

So far, 2014 is off to a good reading start. More on that soon.

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