the ordinariness of a 2,000th post

Cleveland Weekend - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (33)

photo taken by me at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 8/25/2012

I was feeling a little internal pressure to make this particular post Really Freaking Good, something BIG, something memorable, as if this one somehow counts more than the 1,999 other posts I’ve written in this space since August 14, 2008.

You see, for those of you keeping score at home, this is Post #2,000 on this here blog.

I’ve been kicking around what I wanted to do for this milestone and … well … nothing felt good enough. Or ready for prime time enough. Or whatever enough.

And then because I didn’t have a kick ass 2,000th post, I couldn’t post about other things I’ve been wanting to write about during the past few days.

Crazy, right?

Yet, I know I’m not the only person who does this sort of thing. You know, this thing of taking¬†something that is enjoyable and fun (as I consider blogging to be) and overthinking it to such an extent that the result is a froth fraught with stress. You probably have a thing that you’re good at that you’re making more complicated and getting agitated over.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves as bloggers and as writers and as just regular people trying to get by in this world. We need to be a little less hard on ourselves. Maybe just being ordinary is more than okay. Maybe good enough really is good enough.

I’ve been working on trying to understand that a little bit better.

In the meantime, here it is, in all its simple, unvarnished, plain glory.

The 2,000th post.




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3 thoughts on “the ordinariness of a 2,000th post

  1. Sue at Book By Book

    ha ha – I totally understand! I am exactly the same way. In fact, when you mentioned last week that #2000 was coming up, I checked my own blogs and saw that I am coming up on #1000 for both of my blogs…and I am already stumped as to what to do for them! lol

    This was just fine – Happy 2000th Post!


    Book By Book

  2. Laurie C

    Congratulations on this milestone! You got me curious about how many posts I’ve done over six years and it’s only 445 published posts total. Plus 17 drafts sitting there for years..which pretty much says it all! And I’ve been posting even less than average lately, so I’m really sucking at this whole blogging thing right now. Which makes me even more impressed with your 2,000th post than I was to begin with!

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