the ones keeping me plugged in and grounded

The note on my laptop this morning, lest I become distracted by, you know, little things like Amazon rankings.

Lunch account photo


(Because I know you’re wondering: Extractions: A Short Story is up from the 24,017th best-selling book to an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of #17,097 now. We’ve cracked the Top 20,000 of books ya gotta pay for on Amazon … or, something.

And yes, that was after checking to see if my boy had enough in his account to buy his chicken nuggets.

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One thought on “the ones keeping me plugged in and grounded

  1. Sue Jackson

    Hi, Melissa –

    I love the new banner photo – brilliant, colorful setting and a nice shot of you, too 🙂

    Just stopping by to remind you to wrap-up your Big Book Summer Challenge, then you can leave your link here:

    You can also link to any reviews of Big Books on the main challenge page:

    Hope you had a great summer!


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