The Classics Club: Spin #11

The Classics Club

The Classics Club is back with Spin #11!  Since joining the Club this past April, my progress and participation has been rather sad.  I’ve managed to cross two books off my list — The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket by Edgar Allan Poe (which was a DNF) and The Picture of Dorien Gray by Oscar Wilde, which I enjoyed.

For Spin #11, here’s my list of 20 books still remaining on my list that I’d like to get to:

  1. Alcott, Louisa May: Little Men (Kindle)
  2. Allison, Dorothy: Bastard Out of Carolina
  3. Baldwin, James: Giovanni’s Room
  4. Calvino, Italo: If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler
  5. Dickens, Charles: The Cricket on the Hearth
  6. Fitzgerald, Zelda: Save Me the Waltz
  7. Gilman, Charlotte Perkins: Herland
  8. Irving, John: A Prayer for Owen Meany (Kindle)
  9. Jackson, Shirley: Just An Ordinary Day: The Uncollected Stories
  10. Kundera, Milan: The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  11. McCullers, Carson: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
  12. Nabokov, Vladimir: Lolita
  13. Henry, O. : Collected Stories
  14. O’Connor, Flannery: A Good Man is Hard to Find
  15. O’Connor, Flannery: Everything That Rises Must Converge
  16. Plath, Sylvia: Ariel
  17. Smith, Betty: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  18. Wilde, Oscar: The Importance of Being Earnest
  19. Woolf, Virginia: A Room of One’s Own
  20. Woolf, Virginia: The Waves

UPDATE: And the magic number announced this morning is … 19!  Which means I get to read A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf before February 1, 2016.  Yay!  Maybe I’ll make this my first book of the year.

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    1. Melissa Post author

      I tried reading it a few years back and couldn’t get into it. Maybe it was the wrong book at that time … not sure. But everyone raves about it, so I think I need to give it another go.

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