Weekend Cooking: Thanksgiving Thoughts

Weekend Cooking - NewI can’t believe Thanksgiving is in 10 days.  The Husband’s parents will be visiting for several days, and we’ll all have Thanksgiving dinner here. I’ve done the big feast in years past and by now, it’s almost second nature.

That’s because I order our dinner – or at least a good part of it.

It’s easier that way because in our family, a few of us have some dietary considerations and preferences. The Husband and I are vegetarian (and I’m also gluten-free). The kids and in-laws are meat eaters. My father-in-law has issues with sauces.

Last year I ordered our entire dinner from Whole Foods, which was good – albeit expensive (as Whole Foods tends to be) and I think that my selections were probably a little more fancier than everyone else might have preferred.  This year, we’re going with a turkey breast from Honeybaked Ham because we have a gift certificate.

That’s for the meat eaters – and since there are only going to be four of them at our table, it seems wasteful to have an entire bird.

I’d be content with just side dishes (even though I admit that part of me misses turkey on Thanksgiving). The Husband likes to have something approximating a turkey, which is usually a Tofurky or maybe this year, one of the Gardein stuffed roasts if I can find them in our store.

So, I’m now checking out recipes which I always think is one of the fun parts of the holiday.

What about you? What are your Thanksgiving plans?


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