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We’re less than a week out till Listen To Your Mother Pittsburgh, the live reading performance with 14 local writers (including yours truly) on Friday evening, May 6 at the Carnegie Lecture Hall.  Today’s edition of the Tribune-Review, one of Pittsburgh’s two newspapers, has a great article about Listen to Your Mother and why this show resonates with people.  I offer up a few thoughts on my own and a quote or two about telling one’s truth.

Something else that I’ve been remiss about sharing here on the blog: our producers put together fun Cast Spotlight pieces about all of us and the stories we bring to the show. I love what Stephanie says about my piece.

LTYM2016Headshots-63b8x12It’s incredible the way faith and science collide sometimes, and today’s cast spotlight’s story is the epitome of that collision. Mom of two, life-changer of thousands, Melissa Firman’s story shows the lengths some women are willing to go to become mothers. (Read the rest of the Cast Spotlight piece here.)

Having been through two rehearsals now, the show just gets better and better.  It’s such a strong group of women, with funny and sad and heartwarming stories. These are not your typical stories of motherhood because, really, there aren’t any.  If you’re able to be in Pittsburgh for Mother’s Day weekend, I’d love to have you in the audience.  Ticket info here.

I know. I’m promoting the freakin’ bejeebus out of this show and and probably annoying whatever friends I have left by doing so.  it’s a way for me to try and get closer to the magnitude of this experience and what it represents for me, personally.

It’s kind of like what someone (I forget who) told me before my wedding and which remains the piece of advice I give to every single person I know getting married.  This person told me to take a moment during the day to just stop and really look at everyone there.  Like, really look at them and absorb the full experience.

And I remember doing that and you know, whomever told me that was so right because that’s one of the most distinctive moments I remember from that day nearly 23 years ago. (If you’re reading this, thank you.)

For me, the show is more than the performance.  It’s more than the technicality of how motherhood happened for me.  It represents an evolution, a journey, an acceptance. And that is a huge, new thing for me to sit with and reflect on and get comfortable with.

I’m beyond grateful to those of you who are there by my side.



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