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True Stories, Well Told

I’m a big fan of creative nonfiction. The more I read it and the more I write it,  the more this feels most natural to me as a writer.

I’m also a big fan of Creative Nonfiction, the literary journal which happens to be published right here in Pittsburgh and has been for more than 20 years.

Connected with the journal is In Fact Books, an “independent book imprint specializing in high-quality, research-driven narrative nonfiction on a wide variety of topics and real-life experiences.”

I recently read True Stories, Well Told: From the First 20 Years of Creative Nonfiction, edited by Lee Gutkind and Hattie Fletcher. As the title promises, this book is an enjoyable collection of 20 creative nonfiction pieces that were published in Creative Nonfiction during the past two decades. (No small feat for a literary journal!)

Standouts include “Rachel at Work: Enclosed, A Mother’s Report” by Jane Bernstein, “Mrs. Kelly” by Paul Austin, “Without a Map” by Meredith Hall, and of course, Lee Gutkind’s retrospective on Creative Nonfiction’s beginnings.

Today it was announced that In Fact Books received a silver medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards (known as the IPPYs) for True Stories, Well Told.

A well-deserved honor indeed.  Congratulations!

(For a very, very limited time, In Fact Books is offering a chance to purchase True Stories, Well Told for half off the regular price.  A great deal if enjoy this type of writing and especially if you’re serious about writing it.)

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