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Podcast of the Week: Episode 1, The Intro Post

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Even though they’ve been around in some form or another for decades, suddenly I’ve discovered and gotten instantly addicted to podcasts. Within the past two weeks, I’ve gone from having no clue how to listen to one to subscribing to nearly 100 of them.

I’ve been curious about them for awhile, but it wasn’t until I was reading some Facebook updates after a local writers’ get-together that I’d missed (where podcasts were apparently a hot topic) that I thought this might be something I’d be interested in. These writers are very much in the know, super-intellectual and have their collective pulse on all things hip, cool, and especially literary.

I remembered that I had downloaded a podcast-listening app on my phone (at least that’s what I thought it did) so I played around with it. So far, so good … but it seemed clunky and then a podcast started stopping in mid-stream. And then another didn’t even start. And some downloads took longer than I expected. And then Heather of Capricious Reader wrote this post about Pocket Cast. Sold on the spot. Her recommendation was good enough for me.

She also compiled this fantastic list of bookish podcasts and then I knew there was no turning back.

Now I’m a complete podcast junkie. Bam – just like that. I haven’t listened to an audiobook in two weeks. I’ll go back to them; I’m just enjoying my new toys for a little while.

I want a way to share the interesting and enlightening podcasts I’ve been listening to, and to keep track of them like I do my books. I thought about including a mention in my Sunday Salon posts, but if there are more than a few I want to talk about, that would make for a very long post.

Hence, a new feature here on the blog:

Podcast of the Week.

(Original title there, eh?)

I’ll share at least one podcast from the past week (or two … whatever) that I particularly enjoyed. It won’t necessary be a podcast that was released (is that the right word?) during that particular week; I have a huge backlist I’m interested in. I’ll try to post these on Fridays or early in the weekend. It will also be a way for me to list all the podcasts I’ve listened to that week.

NYPL Podcast logoSo, without further ado, my selection for Podcast of the Week for 5/24-5/30 comes to us from the New York Public Library. On May 26, The NYPL Podcast featured author A.M. Homes talking with Matthew Weiner, creator, director, executive producer, and writer of “Mad Men.” The result, “Matthew Weiner on Don Draper’s Inner Life,” is a fascinating conversation about the show and much, much more.

Other Podcasts I Listened to This Week:

Books on the Nightstand
BOTNS#333: What the heck is cli-fi? (5/26)  Michael and Ann discussed “cli-fi,” which is short for “climate fiction” about books featuring a dramatic shift in the climate. 

Inside the New York Times Book Review
Shakespeare in Love (5/22)

The New Yorker Fiction:  Joshua Ferris Reads Robert Coover (5/1)
Novelist Joshua Ferris discusses the work of Robert Coover and reads Coover’s short story “Going for a Beer.

The New Yorker Poetry
Ada Limon Reads Jennifer L. Knox (5/20)
Robert Pinsky Reads Elizabeth Bishop (4/16)
I listened to both of these episodes when I was sick this week and hardly able to get out of bed. Turns out, listening to poetry when you’re sick is a rather comforting thing indeed. All of these poems presented on these two podcasts are FANTASTIC (“Pimp My Ride” by Jennifer L. Knox; “State Bird” by Ada Limon; “At the Fishhouses” by Elizabeth Bishop and “Shirt” by Robert Pinsky). Now, I want to read more by all of these poets. 

The Sporkful
You Suck at Drinking: A Guide to Buzz Management (5/25)
These guys (and Matthew Latkiewicz, author of  You Suck at Drinking) made me laugh with their strategies on ways to drink more without getting a quick buzz. Even funnier were their guidelines for how many drinks (and what kind) to have during certain events, like a loud birthday party for a child. 

A few more listens from last week:

Books on the Nightstand: BOTNS#332: Summer Reading Plans, Featuring the Return of BOTNS Bingo (5/19)
The BOTNS summer reading bingo sounds like fun, so I went ahead and downloaded my card. I have a great mix of categories that are challenging for me and ones that would have likely been among my summer reading anyway.

Death, Sex, and Money: Brooklyn Left Me Broke, But I Came Back (5/6)

Dear Sugar Radio: Episode 11: The Land of the In-Law (5/18)

Slate Magazine Daily Podcast: Ask a Teacher, Episode 5: Tough Questions (5/19)

LA Review of Books (LARB) Radio Hour: McSweeney’s Crowdfunding and Tommywood (and Meghan Daum recommending Bernard Cooper’s “My Avant-Garde Education” (5/21)

The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor – May Opens Wide, by Marge Piercy (5/22)
This show – along with Merriam-Webster’s word of the day – has become a fantastic way to start my day.

Adrian Cooke – Your Daily 10 Minute Meditation, Day 5: Relax (5/22)
I need to start building meditation into my routine. I love the idea of a daily 10 minute meditation podcast. I was really tense and stressed out last week over being sick and everything I wanted to be doing and couldn’t. This helped.

The New Yorker Out Loud: What Should a Museum Look Like? (5/18)
This was relevant to me because it relates to some current projects I have going on at work.

The Light Bulb: Roger Is Always Fine (5/18)
Another recap and analysis of “Mad Men” and how no matter what, Roger will always, always be fine.

If there’s any theme from this week’s listens, it’s that I clearly cannot get enough of that show.

Or podcasts.

Do you listen to podcasts? Tell me some of your favorites so I can add to my ever-growing list. 


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