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Today, We Have Apricots (and a daily newspaper that still cares about books)


Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots

On my most recent milestone-to-me birthday, a tweet led to another tweet – which led to my talking books with columnist/associate editor/books editor/wearer of many hats Tony Norman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

As I wrote in April, (“breaking news of the bookish kind,” 4/5/2013), the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is unusual among metropolitan daily newspapers in its more than ample coverage to things literary. This is a newspaper that sent its book editor to Book Expo America (BEA), and published not one but two follow up articles on the event. As a writer, an editor, a book blogger, an avid reader, and a Pittsburgher, I like living in city that has that kind of commitment and passion for books. That’s impressive to me.

Tony’s books column regularly includes a round-up of recently published local (with Pittsburgh ties) books, including self-published and small press works. Book reviews appear on Sundays and Wednesdays. 

Today is Wednesday. And today, I’m grateful to be among the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s freelance book reviewers and thrilled to share with you my Post-Gazette review of Jessica Soffer’s debut novel, “Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots.” 

I hope you’ll take a look at it and let me know your thoughts – either here or on the P-G’s Facebook page link in the article.

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