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The English Spy

As readers, sometimes we get too comfortable in our genres of choice, as I write in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in my review of Daniel Silva’s The English Spy I’m definitely not the only reader who tends to stay in her literary comfort zone, which is why I was a bit unsure of this one when my editor sent it to me.  Still, I’m always grateful that the PG is interested in anything I have to say about any particular book so I gave it a try.

I liked The English Spy more than I expected. Although it’s doubtful that I’ll become a convert to this genre – and it’s just as unlikely that I’ll read the 14 preceding Gabriel Allon books in this series –  this is one was sufficiently suspenseful to keep my interest.

Read “The English Spy”: Daniel Silva’s 15th in the Gabriel Allon series still thrills” here.

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