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grammer lesson

It’s been a tough week.

(Everyone’s generally fine, Mom. No emergencies, no blood, nothing serious to call about.) 

But still.  These have been trying days atop difficult weeks.  Months, if we’re being totally honest.

The Girl and I were driving back from an appointment this evening, a dark rain-soaked night. Hardly listening to the music, I flipped through the stations, my mind elsewhere.

I’ve been grinding so long, been trying this shit for years
And I got nothing to show, just climbing this rope right here
And if there’s a man upstairs, he kept bringing me rain
But I’ve been sending up prayers and something’s changed

“I love this song,” I said.

“Me too,” said The Girl.

She started singing, almost inaudibly.  The Girl has a great singing voice, one that we don’t hear too often these days, thanks to her bullying bitch of a chorus teacher last year.

“D. sings with her mom in the car all the time,” she said, referencing a friend.

“Sing louder,” I said, and she did. I joined in.

And it’s good to be alive right about now
Good, good, good, good to be alive right about now
Good, good, good, good to be alive right about now
Hallelujah, let that bass line move ya, say yeah
It’s good to be alive right about now

By now we were singing loudly. She laughed as I missed almost every note, even the uh-huhs.

“Mom, your timing is terrible.”

“Yep. It often is.”

I was dead in the water, nobody wanted me (Uh huh)
I was old news, I went cold as cold can be
But I kept throwing on coal tryna make that fire burn (Uh huh)
Sometimes you gotta get scars to get what you deserve (Uh huh)
I kept moving on and now I’m moving up (Uh huh)
Damn, I’m feeling blessed with all this love

I pulled into the garage, still with all the shit we’ve been trying for years (to paraphrase Mr. Grammer) but for a moment a little lighter.

“Now that,” I said, “was the best part of my week.”

“Singing Andy Grammer with me in the car?”


“Well, then we’ll just have to do this more often.”

And we will.

Because who doesn’t need a reminder and hope for a little hallelujah?



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