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A few scattershot thoughts for this week’s Salon:

This weekend marks five years since my first visit to the ‘Burgh, according to Facebook’s “On this Day” feature  — something I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with these days.  This is not a happy milestone. So much has changed in these five years, most of it not for the better. We came here with so much hope and optimism and promise, all of which is gone now.  I think I need to stop these mental trips down Memory Lane because they seem to perpetuate a cycle of “what if?” and “we shouldn’t have.” It’s easy to second-guess decisions made in the past when the future is so uncertain, isn’t it?

Madison Holleran’s story is a reminder that it’s OK not to be OK.  Everyone is fighting a hard battle, even those who appear to have perfect lives on social media and in real life.

Life has gotten in the way of reading (and, to some extent, blogging) so there’s not much to share on that front. And when I do sit down to read, I can’t concentrate on anything and nothing is holding my interest. Shorter works seem to help — essays, some poetry, short stories, back issues of The New Yorker.

This week I finished two things: Season 4 of “House of Cards” (amazing, as always … I looovvvved this season and out of respect to those who haven’t finished watching, I’m not going to say another word!) and Listen to Your Mother: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now edited by Ann Imig. The latter is an anthology of stories shared during previous Listen to Your Mother shows in various cities.

Last weekend was the first rehearsal for Listen to Your Mother Pittsburgh 2016 and the first time hearing everyone else’s stories. This show is going to be incredible. The bravery and courage of these women is astounding. Listen to Your Mother cast bios are starting to appear. Meet two of my fabulous co-stars, Erin Hare and Kerry Neville.  (You’ve gotten your tickets to the show, yes?)

The Husband and The Girl went to Disney on Ice last weekend. This is an annual Daddy-Daughter tradition for them, one that started when The Girl was 3. She’s now 14, and we weren’t sure if she felt she’d outgrown this particular event.  As it turned out, this year she wanted to go more than ever.  “After Thanksgiving [when The Husband nearly died], I wasn’t sure whether we would still be able to do this,” she said.

Went to the dentist on Friday afternoon and I only have one cavity! This has not happened since … well, never. To put this in perspective, I had three cavities in one tooth WHEN I WAS THREE YEARS OLD. (And I wasn’t a kid who ate a lot of candy, either.)  The dentist saying that I had one cavity that should be filled ASAP before it requires a root canal/crown was one of the highlights of my week. I’m serious.

Friday was Pittsburgh’s 200th birthday and apparently one of the most pressing civic issues is the lack of high-end cosmetics available in Downtown Pittsburgh. This is a travesty, I tell you. The deprivation is palpable. I fear for the ability of our city to exist for another 200 years if this deplorable injustice doesn’t get rectified soon. Mayor Peduto, please get our city’s best and brightest on this issue, immediately.

Our daffodils started blooming on Thursday, just in time for the cold and snow on this First Day of Spring. They always arrive at the perfect time and they always disappear too quickly. Hopefully they’ll last a little while because they’re such a needed pick-me-up this week.Daffodils - 3-16-2016


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3 thoughts on “sunday salon/currently … random thoughts from this week

  1. Laurie C

    Pretty daffodils! I just won a doorprize last night of a bunch of fresh daffodils in a vase, and they are brightening up this snowy Monday (although they make me sneeze!) The what-ifs are a killer and I’m prone to them, too, but after your scare, every moment must seem precious to your family, even the ones that aren’t great, in and of themselves!

  2. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz

    My mom was from Pittsburgh (McKee’s Rocks). They moved to Texas when she was fifteen to escape the cold. I never really got to know family up there but I suppose I should be glad they came here or I never would have existed.

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