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A quick stop in the Salon this morning, as I’m headed out to work for a few hours. It’s raining, which certainly will put a damper on the outdoor festival that we have planned, but it could be worse: my job at today’s work event is simply to promote reading. This I can do in any kind of weather. The Girl is coming to volunteer with me and then we’ll hopefully have a chance to grab lunch from one of the food trucks scheduled to be at the reading celebration.


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Still working my way through LaRose by Louise Erdrich, listening to Sin in the Second City by Karen Abbott, and on my Kindle I’ve downloaded the anthology (edited by the brilliant Amy Ferris) Shades of Blue: Writers on Depression, Suicide and Feeling Blue.  Also reading the May 16 edition of The New Yorker.

Almost finished with the second season of Parks & Recreation.  Everyone in our family enjoys this one — a rarity!

Friday was the kids’ last day of 8th grade.  I can’t believe middle school is over and that they’ll be high school students next year.  Well, technically “intermediate high school,” which is how our district defines 9th and 10th grade (and I am in full support with the separation from the upperclassmen) but still. High school.

Some downtime this week, thanks to a few vacation days from work. I have a new book to review for the Post-Gazette and I’m hoping to clear the decks of the others I’m in progress with so I can focus on this one.

99 Days of Summer BloggingBlogging
99 Days of Summer Blogging is going strong. This is Post #7.  A few bloggers are playing along, which is great.

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2 thoughts on “sunday salon/currently … 6/5/2016 (7/99)

  1. Bryan G. Robinson

    When you mentioned you were working on The Sunday Salon, I wondered, but glad it’s nothing too difficult or because of something that went wrong and you had to go in and fix. Promoting read seems good for any day. We loved Parks and Recreation from start to finish. As with any show, there are a few outliers but mostly they were on target, which is helped by the great ensemble cast.

    1. Melissa Post author

      It was the kickoff to Summer Reading. Our library does a huge festival with performances, crafts, activities, food trucks, book sale, cooking demonstrations, etc. It’s crazy and a lot of fun.

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