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Big week ahead!  Listen to Your Mother Pittsburgh is Friday night and it’s pretty much all that’s on my mind. There’s some final show prep that I need to work on  — including writing a two-sentence introduction that should be easy, but this is proving to be THE HARDEST THING.

Yesterday the Tribune Review did a nice write-up about the event, including an interview with me.  That was fun to put on my PR director hat again. On Wednesday evening a few of us are going to HOT for Your Health, an event hosted by Women’s Health Conversations, one of our show’s sponsors. And then Friday is showtime!

I’m taking Friday as a vacation day from work and getting my hair, nails, and makeup professionally done (thanks to a generous gift card from my sister-in-law).  I am very, very low maintenance when it comes to this stuff;  I have the most basic of hairstyles and can go months without a haircut, I don’t know what it means to have one’s “roots showing” (my hair is its same natural color that it has always been), I can’t remember the last time I had a manicure (pretty sure we’re talking at least a decade and quite possibly much more, maybe even two), and the only makeup I wear is lipstick. This is just not my thing. It’s expensive and time-consuming and I usually can’t be bothered except for a special occasion — you know, like telling an audience of several hundred people about part of my life that I’ve never publicly discussed.


The Price of SilenceThis week I finished The Price of Silence: A Mother’s Perspective on Mental Illness by Liza Long. She writes candidly and honestly about the struggle of getting an accurate mental health diagnosis for her teenage son and her experiences navigating the mental health and judicial systems.  She addresses how stigma and fear are at the crux of our society’s ineptitude in caring for people with a mental illness. The book is sobering and well-researched. I’m planning a longer review in the next few days (ironically, May 2-8 happens to be National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week).

I’m trying to catch up on my many back issues of The New Yorker. One of the most fascinating articles was Gay Talese’s piece (“The Voyeur’s Motel”) in the April 11 issue  about a guy who purchased a motel for the soul purpose of spying on his guests and recording their sexual activities. It’s an unbelievable and fascinating read, and apparently a book is coming out this fall.  Another good one was “The Scold,” Nick Paumgarten’s profile of Mr. Money Moustache from the February 29, 2016 issue.


That’s about all for now. Hope you have a great week!

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