Sunday Salon/Currently … Fly Eagles Fly!

We are, as regular blog readers know, unabashed Philadelphia Eagles fans here in this house (making us anomalies here in the ‘Burgh, especially when one considers our steadfast loyalty to that other Philadelphia team, the one that is the hockey rival) so it goes without saying that our Birds being in today’s Super Bowl is quite the momentous occasion.

It has been nice to see some of my Pittsburgh friends rooting for my Birds. Very much appreciated. After all, we were one team once upon a time. (Hence the reason — well, one of them anyway — that I cheer for the Steagles whenever the two play each other. And don’t get me wrong … I really am quite fond of the Steelers. It’s just that I’ll never lose that hometown loyalty. You can take the girl out of Philly ….)

That said, our celebration is rather on the low-key side. The Boy was complaining about congestion, headache, and a sore throat last Sunday and although he quickly recovered, I came down with it on Wednesday evening (minus the sore throat) followed by The Husband on Thursday. The Girl had similar symptoms on Friday. The Husband and I have had the worst of it and while it doesn’t seem to be the flu, we’re pretty miserable. We’ve been inhaling copious amounts of soup, tea, Dayquil, essential oils, you name it. This winter has been brutal; I can’t remember having been this sick so often.

A typical Super Bowl year usually has me participating in Jenn’s annual The Big Game’s On Read-a-thon but, as we’ve already covered, this isn’t your typical Super Bowl. My attention is otherwise diverted. I should be reading a review book.  (When am I not reading a review book?) With being sick this week, I didn’t make much progress with any books.

Still listening to Fire and Fury as my audiobook.

This week while I was sick I wanted something to watch that was fairly short and that I didn’t have to think too hard about. We’ll Meet Again, the new PBS series with Ann Curry was a perfect choice. It’s a six part series of stories about people whose lives intersected during pivotal points in history and who reconnect years later.

For This Is Us fans, tonight is a BIG night. I’ve decided that if the Eagles win, there’s no way in hell I’m watching what promises to be an emotional episode. Regardless of how Jack dies, it’s only going to get me depressed and upset. I mean, it’s not like he’s NOT going to die. Now, if the unthinkable happens to the Eagles, I might watch. Or I may go directly to bed. Both options run the risk of seeing an abundance of spoilers tomorrow but I’ll take that chance.

I have a Philly themed Super Bowl menu planned for tonight’s dinner:

Hoagies from Jersey Mike’s, which is as close to authentically Philadelphian as I can get here in Western Pennsylvania. I picked them specifically because they offer gluten free rolls — and it has been an eternity since I’ve had a real hoagie on an actual roll.  In addition, we’ll feast on soft pretzels (I found gluten free ones at Giant Eagle); Tastykakes (Krimpets, as a way for The Husband to share the game with his dad, who loves Krimpets) and, of course, a gluten free version of Philadelphia Butter Cake.

If you look closely, it would appear that none other than THE EAGLES LOGO IS IN MY CAKE!

You see it too, yes?

(More likely it’s just the cold medicine that’s making me hallucinate.)

GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!  


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3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon/Currently … Fly Eagles Fly!

  1. Sue at Book By Book

    Lots of cheering for the Birds at our house last night, too – woohoo!!! It was an exciting game and a great finish.

    So sorry to hear you have all been sick – we did that at the start of the year – each took turns with a nasty virus (ours included a cough).

    Hope you all feel better son and you can get back to more reading!


    Book By Book


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