strange days indeed (43/99)

Sunset - deck corner 7-11-2016

There’s gotta be a full moon on the horizon* or, most likely, someone’s wayward Pokemon banging around just beneath the deck stairs.

(Can I just say how I am beyond grateful that my kids have no interest in Pokemon Go? I’ve asked and they don’t give a shit.  So, we’ll just continue on with our couch potato ways here, thank you very much.)

As I was saying.

Woke up at 2:53 a.m. this morning, definitely not by choice and with no good reason. Of course I checked Facebook first thing. I know. I KNOW.  Nothing good comes from being on Facebook at three in the fucking morning, especially in these times when the world is going to hell in a handbasket — faster than ever, it seems.

I mean, between everyone posting pictures of Pokemon that have apparently been lurking in their backyards since the days of Y2K when the trading cards debuted, and people posting quotes from Martin Luther King while screaming at each other about whose lives matter more, I’d had enough by 3:30.  Ay-freakin-em. Then a particular thread got me so perturbed and pissed that I needed a second cup of coffee by 5 a.m. to calm me the hell down.  When The Husband tells you to hold your (figurative) fire as you’re verbally trying out responses on him at breakfast, you know an intervention is needed.

I decided (yes, in the wee small hours of the morning, when all great decisions are made) to put myself on a Facebook crash diet. Two hours a day. Which even that sounds ridiculously excessive, I’m well aware, but I can’t go cold turkey. We’ll see. I didn’t think I could blog every day for 43 days either, but here we are.

By 9 a.m., I was asking my boss for an impromptu half day of vacation because the kids’ dentist finally returned my call about The Girl’s tooth which she says feels off, shifted somehow. Most peculiar, but no pain. (You hear that, Mom? Nobody. Is. In. Pain. No Medical Emergency Here. Please Drive Thru.) They had an opening at 1:30, could we come in then?  And so a day’s work got condensed into a few hours and off we went to the dentist who couldn’t find a damn thing wrong.  Which, of course, is better than the alternative but if I’m a bettin’ girl, I’d say an orthodontist consult is in our future.

These early morning days always make me feel off-kilter. I’m regaining some balance. A short nap after the dentist helped. There was a text from a longtime friend. I finished reading a wonderful book, another entry onto the best of the year list.

Sunset - deck corner 7-11-2016And now, here, the quiet and stillness amidst the chaos. A little time sitting on the deck talking with my girl about my crazy day and what’s happening in our country. The birds have finished tweeting their final notes of their evening lullabies and at almost 9:30, the sunset just finished tucking itself in the corner of the backyard.

Along with a Pokemon eating the blueberries, I’m sure.

* (Yep, just checked. Next Tuesday. You’re welcome.)

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