seven years and (almost) 2,000 posts later ….

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My first grade reading textbook was called “Seven Is Magic” and apparently it made such an impression on me that I can still picture it, 40 years later: a purple cover with a cartoonish magician introducing us to the world of words. Reading was old hat to me by then, having picked up the habit at the ripe old age of three. This comes as a shock, I know.

First grade is also when I knew I wanted to be a writer when I grew up, and to a certain degree that has happened. Maybe not accompanied by the commercial, best-seller status success I’d dreamed would be my life by now, but certainly here on the blog.

It’s a momentous day around here, because today this blog turns seven years old. Most years, I hardly notice the blog’s birthday as it slips away like any other day. For awhile, I had been telling people that I had been blogging for eight years, which I really thought was the anniversary I was celebrating. (I’m better with words than math.) But seven it is, and with this particular trip around the sun, this year felt more significant for some reason.

Turns out, it is. As of this writing, there are thiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssclose to 2,000 published posts here on the blog. Today is post number 1,994 and when I realized that this milestone could possibly coincide with the blog’s anniversary, I thought … whoa.

Depending how you count, you could consider this post #1,999. During this blog’s seven year history, I can think of five published posts that I’ve since removed – three of them rather reluctantly within the past month, I might add.

(I’ve had better months. Let’s leave it at that.)

But this is a longer run than I ever imagined it would be seven years ago, when I was driving home from work one summer’s evening and thought a blog about my kids would be a good way to keep my mom and my mother-in-law sufficiently updated on their grandchildren’s doings from a distance and get me in the habit of writing again.

This space has morphed into more, of course, and has become a significant part of my life – and I intend for it to remain that way for quite some time.

Seven really is magic, indeed.

So very grateful that you are here for the ride.




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6 thoughts on “seven years and (almost) 2,000 posts later ….

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  3. Beth F

    Happy day! I’m so glad you decided to blog and have stuck with it. I discovered you early on in my own blogging life and have enjoyed your posts over the years. You started just a month before I did — my 7th bloggoversary is in September!

  4. Florinda

    We had “Seven is Magic” as a reading textbook at my school too. Happy 7th! I’m so glad to know you, glad you’re here, and glad you plan to stick around.

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