sandcastles in the city (38/99)

Sandcastles 1

One of the things I love about Pittsburgh is the abundance of creativity and fun in this town. It’s a city that embraces all things quirky and cool, surprise and awesomeness, creativity and innovation. The ‘Burgh is all of those things.  You can have a crazy, original idea and here, moreso than any other place I know, it can happen.

We’ve knitted bridges and put a gigantic rubber duck in our rivers. We have a festival — on a bridge, naturally — celebrating pickles.

We do some pretty cool things in Pittsburgh.

The latest? Sand City Spectacular.

Pittsburgh is celebrating its bicentennial this year — we were incorporated as a city in 1816 — and as part of the festivities, we’re hosting the International Master Sand Sculpting Championship in Schenley Plaza, right in front of the Library. Ten master sand sculptors are working in teams of two in order to create five incredible masterpieces celebrating Pittsburgh. They’re from seven different nations—Canada, Japan, Ireland, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Russia and United States.

They started their creations on Saturday and they’re required to finish by Friday.  I stopped by to check it out on my lunch hour and it was pretty amazing!

This one is “Dear Andy” — in honor of Pittsburgh’s own Andy Warhol.

Sandcastles - Andy Warhol 1

And here’s the other side:

Sandcastles - Andy Warhol 2

Here are some of the other sand sculptures. This one below is “Pearl of Pittsburgh.” You can see that they’re working from a picture or a sketch of what the final product will look like. Sandcastles - Pearl of Pittsburgh Sandcastles 6 Sandcastles 5 Sandcastles - 4 Sandcastles 4 Sandcastles - 3 Sandcastles 2My pictures don’t capture anywhere near how detailed and how massive these are. You have to see for yourself.  They’ll be here through the weekend.

Visit Sand City Spectacular for event information (there’s a free Family Fun Festival this weekend), sculptors’ bios and photos of their work, and a FAQ.

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