Resale Recap

Hey kids, it’s time to play “guess-how-much-I-spent-at-the-resale?” Here’s a picture of the clothes I bought on Saturday for Betty.

And here’s an itemized list …

8 shirts (1 Gap, 1 Gymboree)
1 t-shirt (Old Navy)
1 light turtleneck (Children’s Place)
1 Disney tank top
1 sweatshirt
1 pair capris
6 pair pants (1 is Gymboree, 1 Carters)
2 pair skorts (Healthtex, Arizona Jean Co.)
1 pair shorts
4 dresses (1 Healthtex and 1 Lilly Pulitzer, in absolute pristine condition… which I discovered selling for $78 – and as much as $118 – online)

1 skirt
1 pair flip flops
1 pair sneakers
1 pair white dress shoes
1 baseball cap

Any guesses?

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5 thoughts on “Resale Recap

  1. Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books

    One local church had a HUGE tag sale every fall – housewares, books, furniture, clothing, you name it … they had it!

    They sold books and clothes for $10 a bag (brown paper grocery bag); do you know how many little toddler clothes you can fit in a bag?!?!

  2. Betty and Boo's Mommy

    OK, y’all are much more savvy resale shoppers than I am … with these guesses, I’m thinking I paid too much. It was $80, which I didn’t think was that bad … but I did notice some clothes were priced a bit higher, maybe for people to earn a little extra money because of the economic situation. Next time I will bring you all along with me! 🙂

  3. I'm just me...

    I’m going with $35. I totally LOVE resale clothes! I participate 3 times a year in a clothing consignment sale hosted by a local church and love it! We had it a couple of weeks ago, but I refused to shop this time as Tink needed no summer clothes (we have 3 friends who give us hand me downs.)

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