Project Food Budget: Week 9!

Project Food Budget 2015

Week 8 Recap
I don’t know what it was about last week, but my motivation for meal-planning just vanished. It just … well … things didn’t come together and nobody liked any of my on-the-spot ideas for dinner and by Wednesday I was all screw THIS and wound up picking up hoagies and burgers from Sheetz and I ate fries and tater tots for dinner (yep, JUST fries and tater tots, as if I’m three years old) AND I LOVED EVERY FREAKIN’ BITE OF IT.

Oh, and Friday I packed my lunch and brought it to work … and promptly forgot to put it in the office fridge. And I succumbed to a veggie wrap and a chocolate chip cookie, both of which I knew were not gluten-free. (Same with the fries and tater tots.) And I paid for it over the weekend with a nagging headache.

I still wasn’t feeling the meal-planning mojo over the weekend so I decided to take some control of the situation.

“I need a total of six ideas that everyone in this house can agree on and will eat for dinner,” I declared on Saturday morning. “And I will make those. For real.”

Blank stares and groans of Moooooooommmmm, you’re making us do maaaaatttttthhhhhhhh during summer vacation followed

“SIX dinners,” I said, tapping my pen. “One, two, three, four, five, six. This isn’t difficult, people.”

(The seventh dinner is our traditional Friday pizza night.)

It took a good twenty minutes – maybe more – until my kids were able to agree on:

  • macaroni and cheese
  • pasta with cheese sauce
  • chicken and mashed potatoes
  • boneless pork chops
  • taco night (which we already do on average of once a week)
  • vegetarian fried rice

Slight problem with #3 and #4, of course, since The Husband and I are vegetarian, but I can work with this. I’m not saying this is going to be our weekly menu (although I probably could make macaroni and cheese every single night and no one would complain) but this helps. Kinda.

This Week

Still having trouble getting myself back on track, evidenced by this being a terrible week in the food budgeting department. Not good, my PFB friends. Went way over budget because I didn’t bother to do any meal planning before hitting Trader Joe’s on Saturday, despite asking the kids for dinner ideas.  (The Girl and I saw “Paper Towns” and we decided to stop by TJs since it was right there.)

So, speaking of doing math, let’s do some:

No meal planning + Grocery Shopping = Spending Way Over the $150 Weekly Budget

Trader Joe’s = $143.12
Giant Eagle = $79.08
TOTAL: $222.20  (!!!!)


I guess I should be grateful that everyone ate and seemed to enjoy the two dinners I made from those groceries (mandarian orange “chicken” and rice; vegetarian hot dogs, potato salad and strawberries). That’s something.

I’m not beating myself up about it. We all have weeks like these ’cause we’re human, not superhuman, and next week is another chance to try again.

Let’s see how the other Project: Food Budget participants did:

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  1. Emily

    Hang in there lady. Those are always hard weeks. When you’re already down because the menu planning mojo has gone out the door. And then being over budget…

    You’ll get back into it. Perhaps once this heat dissipates a bit. xo

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