Project Food Budget: Week 7

Project Food Budget 2015

I was thinking about why it is that I’ve stuck with this project (because, let’s face it, I do tend to have a habit of signing up for blogging things like this and, despite all best intentions, life tends to get in the way).

I think it’s because I’ve seen some success, which definitely helps. The accountability factor is also significant; knowing that I’ll be reporting on my progress or lack thereof is a definite motivator.

Regardless, this was another successful week. I brought my lunch to work four out of the five days. I think my grocery receipt got thrown out, so I can’t provide a breakdown of actual food versus other grocery items like the toilet paper and trash bags I purchased. But I do remember that my total was $134.00, which is $16.00 under my goal of $150. And that definitely includes some non-edible items like toilet paper, trash bags, and paper towels.

Oh, this was an ALDI shopping trip. I’ll probably stop at the farmers market this week, too.

Menu Plan

Sunday 7/12:  Vegetarian Chicken Cutlets (we like Gardein’s gluten-free version); Sauteed Portobella Mushrooms; Tortellini Pasta Salad for The Husband and kids (it wasn’t gluten-free); Plums

Monday 7/13: Spaghetti (gluten free) with Vegetarian Meatballs

Tuesday 7/14: Chicken Enchiladas … or something using corn tortillas, possibly in the crockpot.

Weds 7/15: Breakfast for dinner

Thursday 7/16: I have a work event, so The Husband and kids will likely have ravioli.

Friday 7/17: Pizza Night

Saturday 7/18: I need to be at a work event in the morning, so I’ll probably postpone grocery shopping until Sunday. Not sure what dinner will be; maybe a crockpot something-or-other, leftovers, or pasta with sauce.

Let’s see what’s cooking with the other Project Food Budget participants!

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