Project Food Budget: Week 6

Project Food Budget 2015

Weekly Spending

We can forget the notion I mentioned last week of increasing our food budget to $175 or $200. Absolutely not happening. Keeping it as close to $150 as possible (lower would be better) is going to remain my goal.

It’s kind of fitting that our grocery spending for this week was totally whacked. I was off from work on Friday, so I took that opportunity to return some items to Target and was delighted when the refund total came to $111. I didn’t need that dress (a dress? who the hell am I?), those shoes, and those accessories (all returned) after all. What I did need were some groceries, so I decided to put that windfall to good use and wound up spending $120.

Groceries for $9 … doesn’t get much lower than that!

Until I stopped at Giant Eagle for a few additional items. That trip came to $64, which also astounded me. Granted I only got a few items, but I never get out of there for under $100. Ever.

Anyway, it’s a bit discombobulated, but I’ll take $73 for one week. Damn right I will.

Menu for the Week:

I haven’t given much thought to a meal plan for this week. As a result, it’s very dependent on meat substitutes, which I don’t like to rely on too much but which are easy dinners for us.

Sunday 7/5 – 4th of July Leftover Buffet Night.  Leftover pasta salad for all; vegetarian hot dogs and hamburgers for me and The Husband; hot turkey sandwiches for the kids (lunchmeat needed to be used up).

Monday 7/6  – Pasta with Tomato Sauce.

Tuesday 7/7 – Vegetarian Meatball Sandwiches (on leftover hot dog buns) for husband and kids (I’ll probably have a veggie burger.)

Wednesday 7/8 – Taco Night  (hoping to stop by Farmers @ Phipps on my way home)

Thursday 7/9 – Breakfast for dinner, I’m guessing.

Friday 7/10 – Pizza Night (and I’ll definitely be hitting the Oakland Farmers Market before the weekend)

Let’s see how everyone else is doing, shall we?

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7 thoughts on “Project Food Budget: Week 6

  1. Shea

    No matter how you got there, that’s a great budget number, way to go! I love it when I make it out of the store for less than what I thought I would. Taco night, pizza night, and breakfast for dinner are all faves at my house too.

    1. Melissa Post author

      Those savings are a great feeling, aren’t they? And those ol’ standbys … can’t beat them!

  2. EricaG

    Hey there! I’m the newbie on Project Food Budget. So happy to be on the journey with you. “Leftover Buffet” is my favorite. It makes hosting a party so worth it. Cheers!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Glad you’re participating with us! I’ve gotten a lot out of this project. Looking forward to checking out your blog and your PFB posts.

  3. Emily

    Well done on the budgeting! I love when that happens.

    Hope everything is alright and you find your footing soon. xo

  4. Angelica @ Gardening in High Heels

    I haven’t had breakfast for dinner in ages! I’m so stealing that for my menu soon. I hope everything is returning to usual for you and things are going smoother. I hope the budget victory was a step in the positive direction! 🙂

    1. Melissa Post author

      Breakfast for dinner is becoming a once-a-week event around here, it seems. It’s just so easy. Steal away!

      As for the other … well, that’s going to take some time. We’ll get there eventually. Greatly appreciate your kind thoughts. Thank you so much. – M.

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