Project: Food Budget – Week 5

Project Food Budget 2015

Looks like I may be getting the hang of this meal-planning-taking-one’s-lunch-to-work-use-up-leftovers-in-creative-ways thing we have going here.

I guess that’s not much of a surprise because the elusive “they” say that one of the best ways to change a habit is by having a support system and being held accountable.

For this project, support system sounds too … confessional and clinical, I suppose … but if reading each other’s posts and seeing that others have the same struggles constitutes a support group (and it does!) then that works for me.

The majority of my grocery shopping for this week was done at Giant Eagle because we had two prescriptions to pick up. Alas, when I finished all my grocery shopping and pushed my overflowing cart up to the pharmacy, they informed me that their computers were down and no transactions could be done. No estimate on how long it would take to fix. So, here I had shopped at the Iggle for nothing.

Giant Eagle = $155.38
Olive Garden = $28.00 (dinner with friends)

Not bad for Giant Eagle, although this was somewhat supplemented by $18 spent at the farmer’s market on Friday, with eight of those dollars going for handmade chocolate truffles. (Don’t judge.) But, that’s last week’s problem. As I mentioned last week, I think the $150 budget has proven itself to be unrealistic. I’m going to bump this up to $175, hoping that as the summer goes on, I’ll be buying more produce at the farmers market.

Successes From Last Week
Taking lunch to work, again! Four days out of five, baby!  I’m pretty much just grabbing what we have in the fridge – cucumbers, cheese, hummus, guacamole, chips – and calling it lunch. It works.

I’m also quite pleased with my creative use of leftovers. On Saturday, I had several cups of leftover rice, a small container of corn, two portobello mushroom caps, and fresh Italian bread from the farmer’s market that was going stale.  What to make for the family that was gluten free?

The solution: pan-fried rice cakes, sauteed mushrooms, and garlic bread.

We still had some leftover rice, so on Sunday I turned that into Tortilla Soup (with three frozen veggie meatballs; two veggie burgers that nobody liked – they were the ALDI brand; the last remaining crumbs of tortillas in the bag, and the usual tomatoes, onions, etc.) Served that with guacamole AND the leftover garlic bread – and without a care that I was blending two different cuisines.

Menu for This Week
Monday 6/29: Stouffer’s Macaroni and Cheese (for the husband and kids; I was with some writing group friends paying our respects to one we’ve sadly lost)

Tuesday 6/30: Burgers (veggie burgers for husband and kids; salmon burger for me); rice; fresh strawberries

Wednesday 7/1: Taco Night

Thursday 7/2: Not sure … I’m thinking breakfast for dinner or pasta.

Friday 7/3: Pizza Night. Definitely planning on hitting the farmer’s market this afternoon.

Saturday 7/4: Vegetarian 4th of July! Veggie Burgers, Veggie Hot Dogs, potato salad, maybe some other sides.  I’ll probably go food shopping on Friday.

Time to check in and see what everyone else has been up to this week:

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  1. Emily

    High fives lady!! You are kicking butt and taking names when it comes to bringing your lunch to work. So glad that this project has been helpful when it comes to accountability and taking action.

    I also think it’s great that you’re adjusting your budget to fit your needs. <3

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