Project Food Budget: Week 4

Project Food Budget 2015

So, here’s something I discovered:

We all know how detrimental it is to go food shopping while hungry, right? Well, it might be just as dangerous to go to the grocery store after listening to a food podcast. I’ve really gotten into all kinds of podcasts lately and on my way to Aldi this Sunday, I listened to episode six of Burnt Toast, hosted by the folks behind the website Food52. Their guest was bookseller Peter Miller, author of the book Lunch at the Shop … which made me buy all kinds of things for lunches.

That’s OK. The kids will need easy prepared lunches and snacks this summer, so I wound up getting things like turkey, roast beef, cheese, grapes, cucumbers, hummus, crackers, and trail mix.

Success of the Week
Lunch was definitely, hands down, my personal biggest success of Week 3.  One of my goals for this project was to bring my lunch to work at least three of the five work days. I’m pleased to say that of the four days I worked last week, I brought my lunch three of those days. (On Friday, I had an early morning meeting which made packing a lunch logistically challenging. Sure, I could have put more thought into doing so, but … I didn’t.)

We also only went out to eat once last week. I thought it would have been more, because the kids were at my in-laws back in Philadelphia and we rarely get a chance to go out to dinner alone. There was also a power failure which seemed to challenge the husband’s limited dinner preparation abilities on the evening I wasn’t home. (Insert eye roll here. Dude, make thee a sandwich. A bowl of cereal. Whatever.)  He ordered himself a pizza. As we’ve established at the beginning of this project, I’m only responsible for the food (and budgeting and planning thereof) that I actually purchase, hence, that particular pizza doesn’t count for the budget.

What I Spent This Week
Aldi: $163.63   (weekly budget is $150)

I was glad to resume my regular shopping routine at Aldi, even if this grocery bill was more than I usually spend there. Splurges were a container of Triple Chocolate Gelato ($3.99) as well as the Mini Cheesecake Assortment ($2.99) for a special dessert when my MIL visits later this week. We also seemed to need a few more pantry items than usual, like canned beans, dried cranberries, and pasta.

I am thinking that the weekly grocery budget may need to be adjusted a bit.  We’ll revisit that in a week or two.

What’s For Dinner?
Sunday 6/21:
– We had grilled cheese sandwiches and a side salad.

Monday 6/22:
– The kids will be coming back home with my mother-in-law. I’m not sure if we will go out to dinner or not, but just in case, I plan to make Easy Cheesy Ravioli Casserole in the crockpot. It can be refrigerated or frozen for another meal if necessary. It’s not a gluten-free recipe, so I’ll probably have some salad.

Tuesday 6/23:
– “Chicken” fajitas or burritos, with fake chicken strips, sliced green peppers and portabella mushrooms, black beans; homemade guacamole on the side with tortilla chips.

Wednesday 6/24:
– Veggie burgers for the kids and husband. I’ll make myself a portabella mushroom “burger.” I have some potatoes; perhaps I will make a crockpot side with those.

Thursday 6/25:
– Either a pasta salad (tortellini for the kids and husband; GF pasta for me) or breakfast for dinner (omelet, leftover potatoes, maybe some fruit if it is still good).

Friday 6/26:
– Pizza Night

Saturday 6/27:
– Buffet Night (whatever we have leftover from the week)

Let’s check in with the other Project: Food Budget participants to see how they’re doing:

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3 thoughts on “Project Food Budget: Week 4

  1. redpenmama

    Lunches are free where I work, and I still pack — because I’m vegetarian, and the cafeteria is not. 🙂
    I wanted to check out that recipe! the link isn’t working, though.

  2. susan

    Your weekly budget for food is quite amazing if you can get it near $150. I find that tough. The groceries here in Canada are considerably more than in the States — at least that’s what I feel. Food is expensive. Lately I’ve been trying to make the switch from Safeway (which Sobey’s has bought out here) to Canadian Superstore which I guess is a little like Walmart, or in between that and Costco. I guess it makes a big difference in bringing weekly costs down. I’ll see …

  3. Emily

    It also feels so reassuring and settling going grocery shopping after a big trip.

    Congrats on the lunch win!! That’s a huge success. xo

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