Project Food Budget: Week 2

Project Food Budget 2015

I’m declaring Week 2 of Project: Food Budget as a “free space,” like the middle square of a Bingo card. Suffice it to say our circumstances this week don’t include food budgeting nor any cooking (at least, none that I’m personally responsible for doing).  Healthy eating has, for the most part, gone out the window.

Looking back on last week, my main success was bringing my lunch to work for two days. Since my goal is at least three days per week, I’m pleased with that. Both lunches were simple: hummus and chips, guacamole (with the aforementioned chips), and some cheese.

On Monday, I stayed at work later than usual, which would have meant buying something for dinner as well as lunch. Instead, I opted for a later and bigger lunch than usual, which filled me up through the evening hours.

Short post this week. Now, off to see what my other Project Food Budget participants have been up to. You can follow along with posts from:


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2 thoughts on “Project Food Budget: Week 2

  1. Emily

    There are always weeks like this, which is why it’s helpful to do the project over a longer period of time. Helps you see the patterns, where things go awry, and also where things go well! Hooray for packed lunches and making better food choices. It’s a great start. xo

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