Project Food Budget: Week 12!

Project Food Budget 2015

You guys, we made it!  We did this food budgeting and meal planning thing for 12 whole weeks! This is our last week of this project, with a final wrap-up post to follow next Tuesday.

Weekly Spending
This was one of my best weeks yet, with $120.84 spent at ALDI.  (My weekly budget is $150.) There was an additional $39.61 spent on laundry detergent, paper towels, deodorant, a new pair of headphones for The Boy, and a new phone charger for me. (Believe me, the last two items were just as necessary as the deodorant. For real.)

Meal Planning
It’s a typical week insofar as dinners go, with the exception of today when everyone in this house has an appointment of some kind, which will impact dinner. I’m at the podiatrist in the morning, The Husband has a meeting out in Greentree, and both kids go to the dentist in the afternoon.

SundayCrockPot Macaroni and Cheese, from Make It Fast, Cook It Slow, by Stephanie O’DeaNot our favorite recipe of hers because the texture of this is different than we prefer for mac and cheese, but it works when you need a quick crockpot dish. (This cooks in under 3 hours.)

Monday – Pasta with Cheesy Sauce (for The Husband and kids); I had homemade guacamole and chips.

Tuesday – Mega doctor appointment day. Dinner is going to be Something From the Crockpot. Probably soup and maybe cornbread.

Wednesday –  Taco Night or Burritos

Thursday – Chicken strips (veg for us), mashed potatoes, peas

Friday – Make Your Own Pizza Night

Let’s check out how the other Project Food Budgeters are doing as we come down the home stretch.

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  1. Emily

    Way to go for being under budget!! Love it when the last week ends up being a really good one. So glad to have had you on this journey. xo

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