Project: Food Budget: Week 11

Project Food Budget 2015

Hard to believe we are at the penultimate week of this project, huh? (I love the word penultimate.) It’s a cliche, but it’s crazy how fast a summer goes. We started this right around the time school let out in June and here we are with back-to-school time on our heels.

I’m starting to think about school lunches (I just bought new insulated lunch bags at Aldi over the weekend) and mentally preparing myself for what I know is going to be a battle with The Boy regarding taking his lunch more often. I’m trying to compromise with him (three days taking lunch, two days buying) but he’s stubborn and used to buying his lunch five days per week – plus, I’ve always looked at this as a way for him to experience some independence, which is so important for kids on the autism spectrum, as he is. At least, it has been for our boy.

This Week
This week at ALDI made up for the disastrous overspending that was my Week 9. To my surprise, I only spent $119 which is $31 under budget! My actual total was $160, but that included the usual things like toilet paper, etc. along with two backpacks for $6.99 each, the aforementioned insulated lunch bags at $2.99 each, and an ottoman ($12.99) to go with an old chair in our living/family room.

Menu Planning
We have one of those weeks where meal planning is somewhat challenging. One kid has a dentist appointment on Tuesday and then the other kid gets a tooth pulled on Thursday. Both appointments are late in the afternoon, so because I’m not sure how that’s going to impact dinner, I don’t really have much planned other than things I can wing at the last minute: pasta , soup in the crockpot …

Or, just maybe, ice cream for all of us.

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