Project Decluttering 2011 Update

My Decluttering 2011 Project continues to move along … and it is because of our upcoming move (and needing to get the house ready to be put on the market) that this has taken on new importance and urgency around here. 

(If you don’t know what my Decluttering 2011 Project is, I am trying to declutter 2011 things from my house this year and a few of you are following along with my little challenge – which is awesome.  You can read my previous posts about this efforts here and here.) 

When last we spoke of this, we were at 69 items gone, with 1942 left to go.  (Look, we made it all the way back to World War II!)  Here’s what’s been tossed, recycled, or donated since. 

70-72. three cans of evaporated (and expired) milk
73. expired graham cracker pie crust
74. expired bag of soup mix
75. planter with 1 dead plant
76-77. two bottles of feline medicine … for the cat who passed away in October 2008
78-83. six takeout menus (3 of which are for the place we order from – online – every week, 2 from pizzerias we’ve never tried, and 1 for an establishment that is about 30 minutes away)
84 – 95. at least a dozen coupons, all of which expired in 2008
96. Decorated brown bag of Halloween candy
(One of our kitchen drawers is now cleared of everything except parchment paper, aluminum foil, and wax paper!)
97. Dora Pre-K workbook
98. electronic map of the United States game, with many of the states having seceded the Union
99. Duck, Duck Goose game with missing geese
100. Hungry, Hungry Hippos game where several hippos have apparently been eaten

101. a file with exactly two copies of a fundraising letter I wrote (in the year 2000) for a former classmate’s scholarship fund
102. a file with information on our Internet Service Provider … three ISPs ago
103. a file of incident reports from a before/after school provider (two such providers ago)

Taken to the Recycling Center
104-105. 2 booster car seats
106. huge bag of plastic grocery bags
107- 113. Real Simple magazines (June-November 2007, not including August)
114 – 117. O magazines
118 – 119. 2 Hallmark magazines
120 – 121. 2 copies of Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazines
122 – 123. 3 plastic Halloween pumpkins

Donated to Goodwill 
124. Etch-a-Sketch type of toy
125. Dora princess carriage type of vehicle
126-128. stuffed animals
129. a firetruck
130. preschool-type computer game
131. Jessica Andrews CD (I liked the song “Who I Am” back in 2000, bought the CD for this alone, and maybe listened to it twice.) 
132. Easter Bunny tchotchke type of decoration

1,879 items left to go …

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