Podcast of the Week: Episode 3

Most of my podcast listening this past week happened on the beach, with the volume turned down just enough so that I could still hear the ocean. This usually resulted in putting me right to sleep for an afternoon nap – from which I would wake up in the middle of a sentence, often from a podcast several places down in my playlist. Completely disorienting, but utterly blissful.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to:

Books on the Nightstand
BOTN #334: “BookCon, Year Two (6/2/2015)
Ann recaps the second year of BookCon and recommends Judy Blume’s new book, “In the Unlikely Event.”

The Writer’s Almanac (6/9/2015)
Birthday of songwriter Cole Porter; mystery novelist Patricia Cornwell; the date the first “dime novel” was published and the 145th anniversary of Charles Dickens’ death. Poem of the day is  “Gender Studies” by Michael Blumenthal

The New Yorker Out Loud
“The Season for Reading” (6/8/2015)
Kathryn Schultz and James Wood join Amelia Lester and David Haglund to discuss the joys and challenges of summer reading.

All Souls Unitarian Church, New York City – Sunday Sermons
“Not Knowing Where” (5/31/2015)
“Whether by freedom of choice or by force of circumstances, we sometimes leave where we are, or what we’re doing, or whom we’re with. We get fed up or get fired, receive a bad diagnosis or happen upon good opportunity, decide to leave a failed relationship or commit ourselves to a new one. We do so in faith, somehow convinced of things we have not yet fully seen. We set out, not knowing where.”

NPR’s All Songs Considered
Six Musical Discoveries You Can’t Miss (5/27/2015)
Featuring music by Nao (“Inhale Exhale” from the album February 15); DeQn Sue (“Bloody Monster” from her forthcoming album “Snack); Doe Paoro (“The Wind” from an as yet untitled album that comes out this September); Wet (“Deadwater” from “Don’t You,” due out later this year); Briana Marela (“Surrender” from “All Around Us,” to be released in August)  and Anna B. Savage (“1” from the album “EP” which came out in late May). Of these six, I liked Doe Paoro’s “The Wind” and Anna B. Savage’s “1” the best, but I will likely listen to them again. Links to all of the songs can be found here.

New York Magazine’s Sex Lives 
“We Put Dr. Ruth on the Couch” (6/10/2015)
Interview with Dr. Ruth Westheimer and a discussion on “how quickly someone famous for being sexually progressive can come to seem sexually retrograde.” Also a discussion about how millennials are having less sex than other generations. 

Podcast of the Week

I liked all the podcasts I listened to this week, with the exception of the interview with Dr. Ruth by the folks from New York Magazine. (I adore and respect the hell out of Dr. Ruth – she was very educational for me, who spent many a Friday night as a teenager listening to her radio show on Trenton, NJ based 97.5 FM WPST, my favorite station at the time –  and the tone of the New York Magazine podcast came across to me as a little bit dismissive. Or maybe I’m just an old lady.)

If I have to pick one podcast for the week, I’m going with NPR’s All Songs Considered for introducing me to some new music.  The songs I liked might have to grow on me with a few listens, but sometimes that’s the case with the best ones.

Did you listen to any podcasts this week? If so, tell me which ones! 



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  1. Becca

    I’m just getting into the podcast thing, and I’m liking the Book Riot podcast All The Books, every Tuesday, which is about the new releases for that week.

    I do enjoy the NPR podcasts about books too. And I like a lot of the On Being podcasts. Just listened to one with Jane Gross, who write about aging.

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