Podcast of the Week: Episode #2

A new feature here on the blog where I share the podcasts I’ve listened to during the past week and make a selection for Podcast of the Week. This helps me keep track of what I’ve enjoyed and hopefully gives other podcast junkies some new possibilities for listening. 

This week, I’ve been dividing my commuting time between podcasts and the all-James Taylor station on Sirius XM17. To promote his new album “Beyond this World,” the “Love” channel has gone all JT until June 22 and it is fantastic. If you have satellite radio and are a James Taylor fan, you need to be listening to this.

School ended this week but that didn’t stop me from entertaining my kids every morning at the bus stop by playing the Merriam-Webster Word of the Day podcast. You can imagine how popular this made me as a mom.

Podcasts I Listened to This Week

Inside the New York Times Book Review (5/29/2015)
Interview with Judy Blume about her new novel, In the Unlikely Event

The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor
– 5/24/2015 –  Birthday of Michael Chabon and Joseph Brodsky; “On This Date,” by Annie Lightheart
– 5/31/2015 – Birthday of Walt Whitman; “all that” by Charles Bukowski 
– 6/1/2015  – Birthday of poet John Masefield, linguist Charles Kay Ogden, and writer Colleen McCullough. Loved the poem “Grandfather’s Cars” by Robert Phillips that was included on today’s episode. 

Reading Lives
Episode #27 (5/13/2015) – Celeste Ng

Beyond Your Blog
BYB 042: Practical Submission Advice from Bustle Features Editor, Rachel Krantz (5/31/2015)

Slate’s Poetry Podcast (6/10/2013)
Robert Pinsky reads William Carlos Williams’ poem “Dedication for a Plot of Ground”

BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (this was our church when we lived in the Philadelphia suburbs)
“Wake Up!” Sermon from Easter Sunday, 4/20/2014
This was our church when we lived in the Philadelphia suburbs. Even though this sermon is more than a year old, it was delightful to hear our former reverend. Doesn’t seem like there have been any new podcasts since April 2014, but there are quite a few archived that I obviously haven’t heard yet, so that’s fine. 

New York Magazine’s Sex Lives:
“Introducing the Threesome Matchmaker” (6/3/2015)
Interview with the entrepreneurs behind “Threeway Dating Club,” and a glimpse into the marketing strategies that makes their site able to charge as much as $15,000 for a client with certain specifications for his desired arrangement. This seems to be a new podcast, as there are only a few episodes so far.

Fresh Air with Terry Gross: WHYY Philadelphia
Best and Worst of Cannes/ Maria Bello
I’ll confess: I skipped the segment about Cannes and went straight to the interview with Maria Bello, whose new book Whatever … Love Is Love is one I can’t get enough of.

Podcast of the Week:

Reading Lives - Celeste Ng

The Reading Lives interview with Celeste Ng. Perhaps I’m biased, but I listened to the majority of this on Monday, which happened to be when I had the chance to hear Celeste Ng speak at the library.  This in-depth interview was a nice complement to her talk here in Pittsburgh.

What podcasts did you listen to this week?

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2 thoughts on “Podcast of the Week: Episode #2

  1. susan

    I think I would be interested in Podcasts. Where do you find yours? At iTunes? And what do you usually download them onto? an iPad? I’m just now reading Celeste Ng’s book for book club.

  2. Melissa Sarno

    I love your podcast posts! I would not have survived the first year of my son’s life without podcasts. Podcasters are, seriously, my only friends during the day. You’ve introduced me to daily meditations which are helping me through a lot of mind jumbles and now Reading Lives. I listened to Celeste Ng on this morning’s run. Anything that actually makes me WANT to run so I can listen is some kind of miracle. Have you listened to the first season of Serial yet?? This week I listened to The Longest Shortest Time (I know you’re memoir-ing, you should share your story with them!)

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