Pittsburgh’s Ready for Its Close-Up

If you’re in Pittsburgh, you have to be living under a rock – or at least not in Oakland – to know that the movie “Fathers and Daughters” is being filmed here.  I mean, this crew is everywhere. 

Apparently, Pittsburgh is standing in for New York. And let me tell yinz, it sure as hell feels like New York driving-wise when they decide to film during afternoon rush hour, as they did yesterday.

No matter. We’re getting used to the sight of stars in our midst.

Even yours truly, who walked right past Russell Crowe this afternoon and thought, that guy sorta looks familiar.

(Yeah. I really did.)

But even though moviegoers will be led to believe they’re watching a movie set in New York, someone saw fit to make sure that the crew remembered that they were in da Burgh.

Terrible Towel on Fathers and Daughters Movie Trailer

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