Philadelphia Libraries to Remain Open!

It’s a good day in Philadelphia.

I wrote earlier this week about the impending closures of Philadelphia’s entire library system, and word comes tonight that thankfully, it seems that they will be remaining open.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer’s story, “state lawmakers granted final approval today to a temporary Philadelphia sales tax hike and a two-year reprieve on city pension payments, a pair of critically needed measures that plug the final $700 million hole in a multi-year deficit that once stood at $2.4 billion.”

This means that the drastic measures of closing libraries, recreation centers, and laying off more than 3,000 people (including police and firefighters) can now be avoided.

Pennsylvania, however, is still without a state budget, so it’s not all sunny skies here. Partly cloudy is more like it.

Hey, we’ll take it.

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6 thoughts on “Philadelphia Libraries to Remain Open!

  1. Lisa

    This is great news! I haven’t see it mentioned anywhere else yet, just that they were closing. I can’t imagine libraries not being available.

  2. Rita

    well, I don’t live in Philly, but I have many friends that do and I know that this makes them very happy. It makes me very happy and I’m far away in sunny South Fla.

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