Pasta, Peas, and Parmesan Cheese

Say it with me in a sing-song voice, will you? Pah-stah peeees and par-muh-zahn cheese! I have discovered my kids’ culinary nirvana.

I didn’t go grocery shopping last week. I just … I dunno, it was a busy weekend, and going to the store didn’t happen. There was the trip to Walgreens for bread and juice, but other than that we foraged in the woods – I mean the pantry – for sustenance. And we all seemed to have survived.

I needed to be creative with some dinners last week. The kids and I arrived home from school and work and they asked what there was to eat. Um … pasta, I said.

What else?

Um … there’s peas. And parmesan cheese.

“YES!!!!!!!!!” they shouted. And then I said in a sing-song voice, “You want some pasta, peas, and parmesan cheese?”

They danced around, chanting and singing “pastapeasandparmesancheese.” I obliged, boiling pasta, microwaving frozen peas, and putting parmesan cheese on the table and called the whole thing dinner. We had leftovers and they ate them (my kids do not do leftovers in any sense of the word). They have requested such again this week.

I think we have a new delicacy to add to our menu. Maybe I should skip grocery shopping more often.
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