Party Like Its 1999

“Yeah, they say two thousand zero zero party over,
Oops out of time
So tonight I’m gonna party like its 1999 …”

“1999”, by the artist who was formerly known as Prince when this song came out

We had not been together like this, this group of friends, for 10 years. In the years before and in the years since, there has usually been one missing person or persons among us. and even though this ensemble was together, there was still a such was the case last night.

And so we gathered together, the occasion being a rare in-person visit from the friend living the farthest away. We met one of his two children for the very first time (the other, too young for travel, at home with mom.) The children played and squabbled, the women talked pregnancies and babyhood, the stories and sangria flowed.
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