Paperback Writer Reads the News Today (Oh, Boy)

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In the years that I spent working as a public relations director, I spent a lot of time holding my breath.

Those days between giving an interview or a statement and when the article would come out in print were often nerve-wracking ones for me.

As a writer, you wanted so much to control the narrative of the story, to mold and shape the words into the way you wanted them to come across.

As the person in the office who everyone often turned to for proofreading and editing, you hoped and prayed that your President or Executive Director’s name would be spelled correctly.

This article above from the Ligonier Echo about the Words in Process reading that I recently did is an example of why I sometimes like to write the news rather than be at the media’s mercy.

But despite the significant errors, I’m sharing it nonetheless because, in the end, it is a nice piece celebrating Words in Process and the writers of this region. It’s about the fact that in little Ligonier, a voice and a haven is provided to emerging authors and the written word.

And that’s worth reading indeed.


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2 thoughts on “Paperback Writer Reads the News Today (Oh, Boy)

  1. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

    Uff. Those are the sorts of careless errors I live in fear of making. It’s one thing to disagree about the message of an event (which maybe you do in this story), but really just embarassing to make basic ID errors like that. Sorry the article wasn’t better on those points!

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