Old Lang Syne

It’s 10:30 p.m., and we’re all dropping like flies here. I’m thinking that we’re not going to make it to midnight and y’know, I’m really OK with that. I guess this means that The Dean and I are officially old, as this has been the case for several years now. Betty and Boo made a valiant effort to stay awake – and did so until almost 10 p.m. – but are now camped out asleep on the family room floor waiting for 2009. The Dean is asleep in the recliner, and I and my headache are seriously considering bed.

It’s been a fun-filled night here, as you may have surmised. Ordered pizza and chicken fingers for the kids; Greek salad for me. Watched a bunch of “Hannah Montana” episodes as well as several Muppet DVDs. I tried to finish my book, to no avail. Made Hot Buttered Rum in the crockpot, but it tasted medicinal. Drank un-spiked eggnog instead.

Yes, we are old. So, as I head off to bed shortly, allow me to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year! Thanks so much for being along for the journey here this year!

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