Not Going to BlogHer? Come Over to BlogHop!

One of the most fun-filled parties of BlogHer starts in mere minutes. Oh, wait, um … what’s that now? You’re not at BlogHer?
You’re on your sofa with the laptop, eating a bowl of ice cream in your pajamas wishing you were at BlogHer? Um, yeah … me, too.
No matter. To quote Kool and the Gang, there’s a party goin’ on right here. (You knew there would be one.) BlogHop ’09 starts tonight, at 9 p.m. CST and continues through the weekend and even into next week.
It’s being hosted by Robin over at Pensieve (a new blog to me that I’m looking forward to reading more of, especially since Robin sounds a lot like me) and Jo-Lynne, who writes Musings of a Housewife. Robin plans on posting a Mister Linky in mere moments, where the idea is to register your BlogHop post and visit the other participating blogs, and add the cool button on your sidebar.
Almost forgot the best part: The BlogHop ’09 ladies have also provided us with a goodie bag extraordinaire. Some of the prizes that sponsors are offering include a $25 Build a Bear gift card, a $50 Paula Deen gift card and the $150 registration fee to Type-A Mom Conference! There’s probably more … go over to Pensieve and check ’em out.
See you at BlogHop ’09!

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28 thoughts on “Not Going to BlogHer? Come Over to BlogHop!

  1. Eve

    I love your blog. Thanks for stopping over at my blog. Its always great to meet new friends. I can already tell that you are an amazing woman. My stepson has slight asperger’s syndrome (and ADD), so I can only imagine what its like raising a child who has all the traits. It takes a special person to be a Special Needs Mom!!

  2. MrsAshley

    I love your blog and the background is too cute. I am hop-ing over to you from BlogHop’09, I am #311. It is so nice to meet you!

    Be sure to Hop on over to my place and check out my 30+ giveaways (with a new one added daily) and to spread the BlogHop’09 Love!


  3. Staci

    I think I’m actually glad I missed BlogHer. (Shh…don’t tell.) Between all the drama I’ve heard going on, and the fact that I got to nap this afternoon, I’m happy to have stayed home!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It’s nice to “meet” you!

  4. Kathy

    I love your blog. I’ve read it from lori’s link and never commented but I’ve always smiled at your profile line about being the Mom in line at the library. We’ve all been there!

  5. ComfyMom~Stacey

    Hi! Stopping by from BlogHop 09. Nice to meet you! Sitting & eating ice cream sounds great but my kids have eaten all of it so I am here with a glass of water until I get to the grocery store

  6. MrsM

    Oh I couldn’t imagine being at blogher right now…I’d have had to take the kids…and there are three of them (5, 17mo, and 2mo)…yeah, when I think about it, I’d much rather be at home in my robe!

    Feel free to stop on by my place this week~happy hopping =)

  7. Sarah

    Definitely sitting on the sofa with my laptop. No ice cream though…ever since I lost my gall bladder that’s not happening. So instead it’s S’Mores cookies. Delish…I’m a slob…

    and still wishing I was there *sigh*

  8. AmyG

    Right now… I’m still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes & trying to get motivated, but wishing I was at blogher!

    Enjoy the “party”!!

  9. oh amanda

    Sitting on the sofa eating a big bowl of…popcorn. But yeah, still kinda wishing I was at Blogher…but really enjoying BlogHop! πŸ™‚

    Nice to meet you!

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